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Welcome to “Steel Arabia 2009” conference

Our Metals invites you to attend “Steel Arabia 2009” conference, which will examine in details the latest and future regional developments and changing trends in the steel, armature (rebar and galvanised steel) and raw materials sectors. Consumption of steel in the Middle East is growing at a phenomenal rate. By 2010 the region is expected to consume 60 million tonnes a year, while expected to only produce 35 million tonnes per year.

The event will also look at the price changes and challenges of business environment including rising production costs, new project developments, logistical difficulties, technology inovations and speak about strategies and the battle for market share in this dynamic business. The conference will take place in Expo Centre Sharjah during a 3 day Steel Technology Exhibition.

  • ASSESS the latest market developments in the steel industry.
  • HEAR valuable presentations from some of the leading organisations.
  • EXAMINE success strategies in import and export.
  • NETWORK with over 200 decision makers to form key alliances and partnerships.
  • EXHIBIT with a stand to promote your company’s brand to target audience.

Who should attend:

  • Steel producers, traders, distributors and wholesalers;
  • Manufactures of semi-finished products;
  • Regional developers and contractors;
  • Logistics & shipping companies;
  • Quality inspection & standards providers;
  • Service centres & warehouses;
  • Consultants & financial institutions.