10,000 stainless steel bird pikes have arrived in Jordan



Stainless steel bird points, יוני×, VOGELABWEHR, TAUBENABWEHR

This client is from Jordan. They used the bird spikes for themselves. The stainless steel bird spikes will be installed on the support of the beams. In this area, the weather is dry and very salty near the Dead Sea. 304 stainless steel will be better than 201 stainless steel. The price is also higher than it.

Stainless steel bands with stainless steel pins, makes it easy to bend. It can bend at any angle. Stainless steel bird spikes can be installed by nylon ties. Can also be installed by screws.

The stainless steel bird tips packed in paper cartons (100 pieces / ctn), then on the pallet. The pallet made it easy to move the bird tips.

It took about 12 days for production and 55 days for delivery (by sea).

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