Best Non-Stick Cast Iron Carbon Steel Pans



Finding the right pot can be difficult. Partly depends on what you plan to cook, but part also depends on confidence. There are many casseroles that talk a lot, but end up falling apart after serious work in the kitchen (I’ve had my heart broken a few times). That’s why we wanted to put together this list of casseroles that we have tried, tested and loved no matter what we put them through. Whether you’re looking for a cast iron, nonstick, or something a little different, these are our favorite pans.

Blue carbon steel frying pan

I recently spoke with James Beard Nominee Chef Julia Sullivan who told me this casserole could “replace any casserole in my kitchen.” She was right. The Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan offers the best of cast iron and stainless steel. It offers heat retention, is lightweight, easy to clean, and even has the shape of a wok, which also makes it excellent for sautéing vegetables.

Field Company No. 8 Frying pan

If you’re too fond of cast iron to change, but still want an upgrade, this one from Field Company is the rung of the cast iron kitchen. In a way they did a cast iron skillet that offers the heat retention and nonstick capabilities we all love from cast iron that is both “light and smooth”. The pan is pre-seasoned and you can barely feel the metal streams inside, making it ideal for cooking more delicate foods.

Scout Editor-in-Chief Jillian Lucas says The Always Pan can be “used for just about anything.” The ceramic non-stick skillet is ideal for sautéing, simmering and more. It has two spouts, a steamer attachment (which can also be used as a colander) and a spoon rest on the handle. He can really do any task you give him.

10 inch Rachael Ray Classic Skillet

Collaborator Scout Elinor Walker says this is a non-stick “that really lasts” pan. While others lose their coating after a year or so, Elinor has owned this pan for five years and says “there is still not a chip, scratch or piece of food on it.” Porcelain enamel acts as a durable, lightweight insulator, plus the pan is oven and dishwasher safe.

12.5 inch T-Fal Nonstick Skillet

If you’re considering a wok, Wilson Tang of Nom Wah in New York City says this skillet will make you think twice. He told me that “most woks are not compatible with home cooks’ hotplates,” and recommended the T-fal 12.5 inch “pan instead” because of the surface area at the bottom for cooking. frying”.

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