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Companies have been using and mixing stainless steel bins for a very long time. However, before the advent of stainless steel wooden mixers, they were commonly used, but they were often not mechanized, meaning they were operated by hand. That said, Even Mix’s IBC tote and mixers introduced a whole new dynamic to the industry. Not only are steel mixers available in different sizes or capacities, but they are lighter yet more powerful. This has led many companies to wonder which device would be best for them.

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One of the features that sets Even Mix’s blenders apart from all others in the industry is that tank size doesn’t really matter. This means that while larger tanks will accommodate more, smaller tanks do not impede what can be mixed into them. The tri-clamp, flange fittings and drum cover are all meant to add a layer of flexibility to the mixer. This approach means mixers can be used in just about any industry and a single mixer can meet the majority of a company’s mixing needs.

Readers can browse the blog on mixing in stainless steel totes on the official Even Mix website at https://evenmix.com/mixing-in-stainless-steel-totes.

“In addition to our stainless steel tote tanks, we also have carbon steel tote tanks that aren’t mentioned as much, but serve a very important function in the chemical industry. Tanks are designed to mix chemicals and mix them thoroughly. These tanks intentionally don’t have a glossy finish, and for those who ask, that’s because some chemicals will destroy the finish anyway. Says Phil Rankin, president of Even Mix.

He added “We have several different mixers and mixers, each aimed at a different industry. That said, if you don’t mix chemicals, our stainless steel mixers are an all-time favorite. »

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Even MixTM is best known for using the latest technology and aerospace engineering design to build state-of-the-art pump technology and variable pitch blades, bringing true mixing technology. The mixing blades go without a pin when installed and the blades can be used from the bottom. This also means that blades or mixers can be used in both plastic and linear drums.


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