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316 stainless steel
Alloys are often added to steel to increase desired properties. the marine grade stainless steelknown as Type 316resists certain types of corrosive environments.
There are many types of 316 stainless steel. Some common types are the L, F, N, and H variants. Each is slightly different and each is used for a different purpose. L means that 316L steel has a lower carbon content than 316.

Common quality 316 and 316L stainless steel
Although similar to Type 304 commonly found in the food industry, both Types 316 and 316L have better corrosion resistance and are tougher at elevated temperatures. They also cannot be hardened by heat treatment and can be easily shaped and stretched.

Difference Between 316 and 316L Stainless Steel
316L stainless steel contains less carbon than 316. But even with its lower carbon content, 316L is very similar to 316 in almost every way. The cost is similar and both are durable and corrosion resistant, making them a good choice for high stress situations.
However, for projects that require a lot of solder, 316L is a better choice because 316 is more susceptible to solder corrosion than 316L (corrosion inside the solder). However, 316 can be annealed to resist weld attenuation. 316L is also a very suitable stainless steel for high temperature and high corrosion applications, which is why it is so popular in construction and marine projects.
Neither 316 nor 316L is the cheapest option. The 304 is similar to the 304L, but the price is lower. Neither is as durable as 317 and 317L, which have higher molybdenum content and better overall corrosion resistance.

Physical properties of type 316 and 316L steels:
Density: 0.799 g/cubic centimeter
Electrical resistivity: 74 microhm-centimeters (20 degrees Celsius)
Specific heat: 0.50 kiloJoules/kilogram-Kelvin (0–100 degrees Celsius)
Thermal conductivity: 16.2 Watts/meter-Kelvin (100 degrees Celsius)
Modulus of elasticity (MPa): 193 x 103 in tension
Melting range: 2500 to 2550 degrees Fahrenheit (1371 to 1399 degrees Celsius)

Properties of 316L stainless steel powder
Other names Stainless steel powders, SS316 powder, SS316L powder
CAS No. 52013-36-2
Compound formula SS316L
Molecular weight N / A
Appearance black gray powder
Fusion point N / A
Boiling point N / A
Density 7.9g/cm3
Solubility in H2O N / A
Exact mass N / A

3D Printing SS316L Stainless Steel Powder

What is 316L stainless steel used for?
It is commonly used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, food processing, pharmaceutical equipment, medical devices, drinking water, wastewater treatment, marine applications, and near the coast or in urban areas. For example:
Chemical containers, transport units, heat exchangers and industrial process equipment in the production of organic and fatty acids;
Ships and shipbuilding pipes, pumps, valves, fittings and shipbuilding;
Pipelines, valves, pumps, heat exchangers for the oil and gas industry;
Mining for weaving screens;
Pipe fittings and machined parts for pipe fittings.

316L stainless steel powder price
The price is influenced by many factors, including market supply and demand, industry trends, economic activity, market sentiment, and unexpected events.
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