How do Poles get into debt – men and women

November 7, 2016 Undeniably, the number of debtors in Poland is not decreasing. It is true that many of these people have a lot of trouble paying their debts on time. The overwhelming commitments sometimes arise from the inability to manage the household budget. In such cases, it is often necessary to look for quick solutions that can repair tarnished funds. When we can’t do it alone, the most important thing is to know when and where to look for help. 

Debt trouble

Debt trouble

This year’s KRD data shows that 63 percent debts belong to men. They amount to over PLN 13 billion. The reason for this may be the fact that the man is still considered the head of the family. Usually, his signature is found on many contracts that oblige to monthly payments.

In many families, however, both sides of the relationship are responsible for the household budget. Many times it is up to the woman to plan her home expenses. This allows ladies to take into account monthly needs and possible overpayments in advance. They are therefore sensitive to seeking new solutions.

New borrowing methods

New borrowing methods

According to the data, women are more likely to use non-bank loans. Among loan clients, 57 percent they are women. They appreciate the possibility of obtaining instant payday pay almost immediately. At the same time, it involves a minimum of formalities, as well as the possibility of quick debt repayment. In this way it is possible to maintain financial liquidity. In addition, it is encouraging that the first loan in a given non-bank institution is usually free in the event of timely repayment.

Process completely via the Internet

The advantage of such a solution is also that the whole process takes place via the Internet. This speeds up the procedure even more, and you can avoid having to visit the bank. Another advantage of this option is the ability to check the loan company and what it proposes. You can also combine several different offers to choose the best one. This is made possible by the comparison of non-bank loans, which are publicly available. The network also allows you to read the opinions of financial market experts. Online payday rankings are also helpful, as they present monthly summaries of the best offers. Due to such tools, the potential borrower has more knowledge about the commitment. In this way you can avoid the surprise associated with repayment requirements and increasing debt.

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