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Own apartment is a dream of not one of us. However, becoming independent from your parents and starting an independent life is associated with large expenses. Saving at your own angle is arduous and difficult. The game is usually replacing old furniture, reviving the apartment with decorations … Regardless of whether we decide to rent, buy or build a house or apartment, the expenditure is beyond our imagination. Further editorial at

Looking for a suitable apartment

Looking for a suitable apartment

Sometimes an old, neglected apartment needs immediate renovation, because it is in a deplorable condition. If we do not have too much funds and we operate proverbial “from the first to the first” it is better to decide to rent. Looking for a suitable apartment, we must devote more time to this exploration, because then there is a good chance to find an inexpensive, relatively well-located apartment, perfect for our lightweight purse.

It is true that renting is not the same as buying, but it still gives you a shadow of the satisfaction of having your own four walls. Of course, when deciding to buy, we must reckon with some commitment that we take on when we sign the contract with the current owner. When buying a property, we cannot give up and change our place of residence as easily as when renting. To get rid of it, we need to find a new buyer, which – contrary to appearances – is not so easy.

Of course, living in a tenement house or a block of flats is incomparably cheaper than a single-family house, especially with a large plot and area. In addition to the property price, the potential renovation price should be taken into account. Buying an apartment is not the same as buying apples or bread, or we are getting rid of a huge amount of cash. The most sensible is to carefully look at the house or apartment before buying, and also to hire a person who will estimate how much the renovation will cost, i.e. prepare a cost estimate.

In it, he takes into account the price of materials that interest us – we know that, for example, real wood will be more expensive than imitation. Well, so we already know how to deal with what you can rent or buy, but now we come to the main question – where to get the funds for such a solid investment? You can try differently. If we earn more, it will be good to save a small part of our salary to our goal. If we already have some savings, put them in the bank to get some profit from the multiplying percentage.

A loan for an apartment, when the contract is fair and profitable, we can take

A loan for an apartment, when the contract is fair and profitable, we can take

Usually, this is the only sensible option to reach your goal before the expiration of several decades and buy our dream hut on the shores of a lake with a shiny surface, or in the mountains near the cliff. When determining repayment in installments, let’s match their value to our earnings options. Loans are shortcuts, and relatively profitable, both for us and for banks whose profits from such banking operations are immeasurably large. By deciding on such a move, we open the way to new opportunities.

Independent life is open to us, we no longer have to worry about tightening the belt to scrape those few zlotys for a month to put aside anything. Such action does not make sense, it is problematic and not very effective. Why save yourself pleasure, if you can easily, quickly and equally pleasantly save yourself these glitches. The purchase should be thought out – it must not be made on impulse so as not to be disappointed.

Above all, we need to feel cozy and comfortable in a new home or apartment. Pumping money into a house that we will soon get rid of is completely unprofitable. You need to consider the location and surroundings – whether we like everything or not.
When, after careful examination, it seems to us as beautiful and colorful as it is on sale ads on the internet or newspaper, we can move on to action. If we have doubts – we’d better give it a rest, not to have remorse and worry that you made the wrong and unprofitable purchase.

It is better to spend more time with such an investment (unless you are a millionaire, then you do not have such problems) than to be dissatisfied with what we have adapted for an apartment. In summary – a loan is a good way to get the funds needed to buy, decorate and furnish an apartment. Watch out for bank loan sharks, scammers and thieves! Let us borrow only from reliable, honest and recommendable banks. 

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