Stainless steel ejector pins resist abrasive and corrosive resins, outgassing


Regal Components Inc. (East Providence, RI) has released a complete line of stainless steel ejectors for processing plastics with highly abrasive and corrosive loads. Regal INOX type stainless steel ejectors are made from 17Cr stainless steel which has been hardened to 52 to 55 Rockwell, with heads drawn to 40 to 45 Rockwell, which are capable of hot working up to 500 C.

Offering high wear resistance, Regal claims the pins are ideal for processing plastics with abrasive and corrosive loads where fire resistant acidic fumes and off-gases may be present.

Ideally suited for molding PVC in the medical and food industries, Regal INOX type stainless steel ejectors withstand surface treatments or coatings at temperatures in excess of 200 C, including TiN nitriding and more. Featuring excellent dimensional stability, these 17Cr stainless steel ejectors offer good machinability and are suitable for polished finishes.

Regal INOX Ejectors are priced at $4.25 each, depending on size and quantity, with no minimum order and product ships from stock.

Regal’s INOX ejector pins have been hardened to cope with corrosive and abrasive materials in the molding process.
Photo Credit: Regal Components


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