BROAD’s Newly Launched Low Carbon Stainless Steel Holon Building Reshapes Global Architectural Industry



CHANGSHA, China, July 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Recently at the BROAD “Holon Technology Conference” held in Changsha , BROAD Group launched the world’s first low carbon stainless steel building – the Holon building, which features modular design, production, transportation and installation, and 100% factory prefabrication. By revolutionizing the materials and construction method of traditional concrete buildings, which dramatically improved the degree of industrialization of the construction industry, BROAD became the first company in the world to truly ‘construct buildings. like cars â€.

Holon Technology, build buildings like cars

Both the prefabrication rate and the assembly rate of BROAD Holon Building are 100%, reaching the ultra-advanced level of the world. The Holon building does not use concrete, scaffolding or formwork, and produces no construction waste. Its structural components, walls and windows, MEP, intelligent control system and furniture are all installed and debugged in the factory, then transported in the size of a 40HQ container, enabling low-cost and barrier-free global transport, sparking a fundamental revolution. in the construction industry.

BROAD Holon Building’s factory production is more than 20 times more efficient than on-site construction, and the number of workers can be reduced by more than 70%, which greatly reduces labor costs and improves the capital turnover.

Holon Building is not only fast to build, safe, earthquake resistant, low carbon and environmentally friendly, it is also extremely comfortable to live in. It is built in strict accordance with 20 comfort standards, covering cleanliness, calm, thermal, air and other aspects. The whole building is also pre-installed with a three-stage fresh air filtration system, which makes the indoor air 100 times cleaner than the outdoor air, eliminating the need to clean up dust. for over a month.

The low-carbon Holon Building, driving force behind global carbon neutrality

According to the United Nations Environment Program, about half of the world’s carbon emissions come from buildings. The key to reducing carbon emissions from buildings lies in improving the durability and thermal insulation of buildings, thereby increasing the lifespan of buildings and reducing energy consumption. BROAD Holon Building is constructed of stainless steel and has a lifespan of several years. At the end of its useful life, stainless steel can be recycled. The exterior wall of the Holon building uses 22 cm of rock wool for thermal insulation, which is equivalent to a concrete wall with a thickness of 9 meters, and the exterior sun visor and interior thermal shading, 3- or 4-pane glazing and the fresh air heat recovery system also help reduce energy consumption by 80-90%, which is equivalent to 200 kg / m² of carbon reduction per year.

Holon Building is an integrated product of BROAD Group’s 33 years of experience in machinery, vacuum, thermal engineering, fluids, materials, sensing and intelligent control. It enjoys the largest investment in scientific research and the highest level of comfort in the world. Holon Building is ideally suited for residences, and also ideal for hospitals, schools, hotels, skyscrapers and luxury mansions.

B-CORE stainless steel slab, the secret weapon of Holon Building

Holon Building’s main material, the B-CORE slab, consists of two stainless steel plates held together by a set of extremely thin core tubes through a copper brazing process at 1,100 ° C. Its strength is tens of times that of the same grade stainless steel, and can effectively improve the ability to withstand earthquakes and typhoons.

“BROAD’s initial aspiration to develop the B-CORE slab is to increase the strength of materials, reduce steel consumption and reduce carbon emissions in the construction process. Said Li Shun, deputy general manager of BROAD Holon Co., Ltd. “If 4 tonnes of carbon steel are needed to achieve a certain strength, we will only need one tonne of B-CORE slab for the same, while stainless steel is 95 times stronger. corrosion than carbon steel and has a longer life. “

The B-CORE slab is an original invention of BROAD with the investment of thousands of people and more than 8 billion yuan over 12 years old. It is the result of experiments of 5 technical models and more than 100 types of high temperature resistant materials. B-CORE Slab has been patented in 63 countries.

Eighth United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon extended his best wishes for the event via a video. He said: “Since its inception in 2009, BROAD Group has made great strides in developing the innovative concept of Holon Building. I think this concept will prevail in the future because it meets the development needs of the zero carbon era. BROAD Group has developed a new business model. It’s amazing technology to build 11 floors a day. I am not only impressed with the speed of the building, but also impressed with the energy conservation and the long life of the building. Today, China is a world leader with its high cutting edge technology, such as the Holon Building by BROAD Group. “

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