I think the iPhone 13 Pro should ditch the stainless steel finish and bring something even better



Apple has used stainless steel for a premium finish on its products for a long time, and currently this includes the iPhone 12 Pro and the Apple Watch Series 6. Apple uses steel to give these products a glossy finish. and a solid premium feel, and I love the effect … but in the case of the iPhone case, I reluctantly came to the conclusion that I would prefer it to be glued with aluminum for all versions of iPhone 13. Or something else similarly lightweight, like I’ll come to.

Apple says its steel is “surgical grade,” which certainly sounds high end, although I’m not sure what that means in practice, and I’m a little intimidated by that. But what I do know is that it’s pretty darn nice in the hand – it’s hard to tell exactly what’s different from an aluminum model, but the finger is a precision instrument, and it knows. He knows stainless steel is a more perfectly smooth finish, and you know when you hold the iPhone 12 Pro that the frame is better than “less” metal.

But you also know it’s steel because it weighs a metric ton. In terms of actual weight, the difference between the same-sized iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro doesn’t look that big – iPhone 12 is 164g and iPhone 12 Pro 189g – but these 25g makes a ridiculous difference.

Switching from the Pro model to the standard model makes the aluminum model feel like the more advanced version in some ways, as they are almost all the same parts, but it is much easier to balance and move around. in your hand. But it doesn’t have to be made from a carbon composite or nanotube metamaterial to achieve this. It’s just good old aluminum.

And while I have found the steel finish to be reasonably scratch resistant, if you want to guarantee that it will stay that way, you have to add the weight of a case to that. And I use Apple’s MagSafe Power Adapter, which also adds a lot of weight (way more than a cable – the biggest flaw in Apple’s new connection system).

Of the two models, I was always going to stick with the Pro because of the added camera features, and because I really, really like the golden stainless steel finish. I decided the wetsuit was worth a bit more weight. And with the Apple Watch, I’ll stick to steel, as the weight difference is less in my opinion, and I find the physical appearance of a laptop to your liking is more important than it does. a phone.

But I’d be happier if Apple gave me the extra features of a Pro-level iPhone 13 in a lighter body. I almost ended up not going Pro just because of this weight difference, and this is one area where Apple could allow me to have the best of both worlds.

However, there is a third option: titanium. This would again be borrowed from the Apple Watch, which offers this as a lighter alternative to steel, but with a more premium feel than aluminum. I would love for Apple to meet me halfway with a titanium iPhone – especially since fans of classic Apple designs like me will also be happy to resurrect a nickname from Apple’s laptop past: the TiPhone. .



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